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Fishhawk Coyotes Lacrosse
Lithia, FL

2016 US Lacrosse Gulf Coast Chapter Tournament
 Annual Fishhawk Coyotes Invitational

FishHawk Sports Complex, 16234 FishHawk Blvd., Lithia, FL  33547



  1. Game details & logistics
  1. All boys’ games U11-U15 will be two 22 minute running halves with a 4 minute half time.  U9- Play 7v7 +Goalie on Mini Fields
  2. MS Girls play 11v11+Goalie, 2 22 min running clock halvesw/4 min halftime, full field, U13 rules. 
  3. Youth Girls games play 7v7 +Goalie on Mini Fields 2x20 min running clock halves; U11 rules +FGCLL-approved 3 pass rule and of fsides corrections (two back)
  4. Boy’s teams will have 1 minute & half time out per game.  If called, time will continue to run and that is why we extended each game to two 22 minute halves instead of 20 minutes.  No time out will be allowed in the last 5 minutes of each game.  Top two teams in each age group will play a Championship game.  Rank will be determined by Win/Loss Record.  Ties will be broken in the following order: Head-to-Head, Goals Against, Goal For, Goal Differential, Coin Toss. For all boys & girls games, there will be a scorekeeper for each game who will report the official score of each game to the master scoreboard.  Girls will be divided into three divisions: one ES and two MS divisions divided into "A" (East) and "B" (West).  After completing a round robin, rankings in the ES and West divisions will be determined by W-L record.  Ties will be broken in the following order: goals against, goals for, point differential, then coin toss.  For the East division, the teams will play a round robin, then the # 1 and # 2 teams (determined by method above) will play a single game to determine the division champion.

    All games will start hourly by a master air horn signal.  Teams must be lined up on the field and ready to start the game on the horn.  Time for the boy’s games will be kept on two scoreboards for the 4 fields.  Time for the girl’s game will be kept by a master timer for those fields.  They will blow a horn at the end of each half to signal halftime and the end of the game.  There will be 7 games being played simultaneously.
  5. Including halftime, all boys’  and MS girls games should be approximately 48 minutes in total.  That gives a couple minutes for each team to line up & shake hands, and then less than 10 minutes for those teams to clear the field and the new teams come onto the field and line up to start. 
  6. Please have your teams prepared to move on and off the fields quickly, as again there will only be about 10 minutes for this change in between games.  We would recommend that they leave their lacrosse bags and accessories in a central team location around the perimeter of the fields and come onto the field of play in their full equipment and with just their stick as to limit the amount of time to get on and off the fields.
  7. Unfortunately with running so many fields, there is very little if any area to warm up.  Please make sure that you players are stretched out and do so prior to the games around the perimeter of the fields.  You should have a few minutes to warm up if needed once to take the field and prior to the start.
  8. All games will have US Lacrosse sanctioned referees.
  1. Concessions- concession stand will be open all day (Cash Only)
  2. Parking-  There will be a $5/car parking fee that day.
  3. Water There will be water and cups on each field for the players.
  4. Spectators Please review the spectator areas for each field.  Fields #2 & #3 do have bleachers, but all spectators should bring folding chairs for viewing games on other fields and make sure that you are sitting on the perimeter of the field as marked spectators on the map.
  5. Tents If you want to bring tents for your team to gather in between games you are welcome, but they must be put up outside of the fence and around the extreme perimeter of the fields.  Please do not set up tents right on the spectator sidelines as the games go quickly and in between games we need to keep it moving.  There is limited area around the perimeter but you will be able to find space to put up a tent if you like.
  6. Trash Please make sure that everyone cleans up after themselves and throws out ALL trash in the many trash receptacles around the park.  In particular, Coaches, please make sure that your teams throw out all water bottles from the bench area as we will have trash cans right out on the fields behind the benches.