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Coyote Spring Lacrosse


Coyotes Spring Season will feature a recreational yet competitive lacrosse program for boys grades K through 8.  The season starts early-January and offers practice sessions taking place two nights per week and Saturday “full scale” games over 3 months, ending in April.  Some weekends will be at our home complex, others will be “away” at host clubs within an hour drive of FishHawk.  We make every effort to give the teams several opportunities to play on any given Saturday so team “travel” is a fun, exciting and a family building enrichment opportunity. 


The Spring Season has been designed to elevate the level of youth lacrosse development technically, tactically, mentally, and physically during the season. At the core of Coyotes teaching method is the understanding that young players can acquire both physical (“technical”) lacrosse skills and mental (behavioral “attitude”) skills.


Following the proven success of other youth sports programs, the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse Program combines a smartly selected and trained volunteer parent coaching staff with oversight from program directors that have received world-class training from US Lacrosse Collegiate coaching staffs and a curriculum designed to challenge and inspire the next generation of lacrosse players.


Coyotes Spring season is a competitive recreational club and will form teams to compete in Florida Gulf Coast Lacrosse League and a few local invitational tournaments (Jamborees). Coyotes Lacrosse is designed to complement and support the youth development work of the schools, other community sports programs and clubs in the region. The Coyotes program schedules are tailored (as best possible) to coexist with other youth sports teams, community programs, and scholastic organizations.


Fishhawk Coyotes Youth Lacrosse Concepts of Development


FishHawk Coyotes Lacrosse provides a year round experience that is fantastic for establishing, improving and working with teammates, parents and trained coaches toward mastering the individual and team skills needed to be an outstanding lacrosse player.  We have charted out the skills a player would need on the lacrosse field and then developed these concepts into “seasonal categories” to help encapsulate the concepts.  Each “season” has its’ own curriculum and unique set of plans, as well as an evaluation process to track player development.  This format serves players of all positions, and will teach forward thinking players that it is vital to be skilled both offensively and defensively because of the universality of these skills on the lacrosse field.


“Summer Season” (May – July)


Introduction to Coyotes Lacrosse (Lacrosse 101)


Intro to Lacrosse – For players who are new to the sport or less experienced.  This designed to be a fun-intensive experience, meant to grow a love of the sport while educating on the elementary skills taught with our program.  Players will develop a broad base of introductory skills and hone their use within friendly skills based games.  This is a perfect place for beginner players who are unsure if they want to pursue the sport, and players who want to gain more confidence before they move into more skill intensive development and spend a lot of money on more expensive sticks and equipment.


Within the Intro to Lacrosse we will focus on two main initiatives; Stick Skills and One vs One Situations.


            Stick Skills – Using both common and Coyotes unique exercises, we have formulated a program that we feel is a great way to develop the key stick skills in lacrosse.  We immediately aim towards creating ambidextrous skills, and quickly target muscle memory to get the fastest development, understanding and fun.


            One vs One Situations – We isolate 1v1 scenarios that a player will experience all around the field, teach specific skills needed to win within those moments, and then run spirited 1v1 competitions to get players more and more skilled in winning these little “battles”.

For those who grasp these concepts quickly, especially in the older age groups, we will progress the stick work and 1v1, adding key gameplay pieces to the training sessions.


Coyotes Progressive Player Development (Lacrosse 201)


            Defensive Training – This portion of the program focuses on defining and refining the skills needed to succeed as a defender.  We want to start by improving general defense-specific reactive footwork using various exercises from research of the best collegiate programs.  We will continue by teaching defensive footwork, arm work, and stick work for 1v1 from each all over the offensive initiation spots on the field.  We complete the circle with a focus on defense specific skills from ground balls, long distance throwing, clears, and more.

            Offensive Training – This portion of the program focuses on developing the offensive skills needed to succeed in 1v1 situations, initiated from spots around a settled offense.  Players will build up a skill set of footwork, stick work, “dodges” and begin to learn about “the ride”.  They will apply these skills in 1v1’s against defense.


            Shooting and Dodging – We will use a new approach to developing shooting form with some new philosophies and exercises designed to gain measurable results.  Every player can benefit from shooting training due to the very specific importance of this skill – if you don’t shot, you can’t score.  WE expect to have multiple levels of players going through this portion of the program simultaneously as we develop ambidextrous skills incorporating overhand, sidearm, toe drag and backhand shots.  We will also work on dodging into shots, set shooting form, and off ball techniques moving into the shot.  Once players have achieved mastery of these “basics” we will move into refining the existing skills while adding new throwing forms – such as shooting low to high, worm burners and BTBs (behind the backs).  We will also add more specific dodge moves from various spots on offense, enhanced faking abilities, and tuning in “finishing” skills around the goal. Many of our “shooters” will want to repeat this portion of the program many times!


            Face-offs – Being great at face-offs is a distinct advantage for players and their teams.  We want to build face off training to not only benefit our spring recreational program, but also help players become dominant forces on the travel side of the house and as they approach High School.


“Fall Ball” (Sept – Oct.)


At Coyotes, we believe there are ways to get the Spring Rec League experience without leaving our home field and still develop our newcomers while perfecting our experienced players too.  We love to utilize in the spring league format  to extend our learning, have fun and be challenged through competition.  In the fall we continue the individual skills development during the week and begin to add teams concepts on the weekend in small sided game environment where many more players touch the ball and everyone is contributing.  In this 7v7 league, everyone plays offense and defense, enhancing all around skills and learning. The smaller format and on field coaching increases the amount of touches and the amount of direct plays each player is involved in.  The reduced field size increases the number of plays that occur in each game, and drastically enhances the speed of the game.